7 New Exciting Updates From Inbound 2020

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HubSpot’s premier event was very different this year as it moved to a virtual environment, but it didn’t disappoint!

Highlights included HubSpot founders Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah speaking at an eerily quiet Fenway Park, Amazon Web Services's Sandy Carter describing the importance of innovation and company culture and Jesse Williams and Alicia Garza discussing what it means to maintain momentum behind social change.


Inbound 2020 - How Companies Can Thrive in the New Normal

And there were plenty of product updates... numerous updates at Inbound 2020. Here are 7 that we felt were worth mentioning!



1. Announcing Sales Hub Enterprise!

Enterprise Sales Software _ HubSpotHubSpot Sales Hub Enterprise - Source HubSpot


Lets talk CRM. Did you know that 50% of sales leaders say that their CRM is difficult, and 18% say this has caused them to lose opportunities or revenue? Research from HubSpot found that although the vast majority of Sales leaders could see value in a CRM system,  a majority claimed that most of their team didn’t use CRM tools at their disposal.  Well, HubSpot have launched Sales Hub Enterprise for all those haters of business software! Sales Hub Enterprise has been designed to amalgamate helpful sales tools to reduce friction and empower your teams, features include:

  • Enterprise-grade CRM, including custom objects
  • AI-powered sales acceleration
  • Connected CPQ tools, including accounting integrations with QuickBooks Online and Netsuite
  • Streamlined sales reporting (more on that below)

To find out more about Sales Hub Enterprise click here.



2. Pay for the Contacts that You Need

7 Account Based Marketing Strategies  To Help Your Business Grow-1HubSpot Flywheel - Source HubSpot


Coming soon to a CRM near you… Scalable pricing for your marketing contacts.

This is a beaut. Soon you will be only required to pay for contacts you actually market to. You can store up to 1 million non-marketing contacts on HubSpot CRM and benefit from scaled pricing across all tiers of HubSpot. Also, you can modify your marketing contacts month by month, making it much more scalable and cost-effective for your business. No more contacts headaches :-)

To find out more about marketing contacts list this section.



3. New Tools for Account-Based Marketing

7 Account Based Marketing Strategies  To Help Your Business Grow-2ABM - Fishing With Spears

If you love ABM as much as we do you’re going to be very excited about these new ABM tools to enable more alignment between your sales and marketing teams. The tools will allow you collaboratively target the right accounts, personalise your sales and marketing messages and measure the effectiveness of your channels. This exciting new ABM software form HubSpot will allow you to:


  • Easily create a ABM strategy
  • Collaborate across your sales and marketing teams
  • Target the high value prospects and build relationships with personalised engagement.
  • ABM Reporting
  • Integrating other ABM software (LinkedIn, Slack)

7 Account Based Marketing Strategies  To Help Your Business Grow-Aug-07-2020-02-04-06-22-PMABM In HubSpot - Source HubSpot

Find out more about the new HubSpot ABM tools here:



Bonus. Check out our ABM blog with HubSpot Director, Dan Tyre here:





4. CRM Marketing Is Getting Better

Marketing Hub Product Updates in 2020 and Beyond

CRM-Powered Marketing - Source HubSpot

Marketers have an abundance of tools, software and content at their disposal. Publishing the same content is just not going to cut it any more. That’s why personalised, tailored marketing communications are going to help you and all that comes from your data.


HubSpot’s Marketing Hub now has launched ‘CRM-powered marketing’ throughout the platform including automation, behavioural triggers and much more.  Helping you extract the right data to personalise communications to your prospects..

The all the new and exciting features of CRM Marketing can be found here.



5. New CMS Software

SEO (2)

HubSpot CMS SEO Tool - Source HubSpot

HubSpot launched their fantastic CMS Hub in April 2020 that will allow greater flexibility and control for marketers and developers to design websites. The CMS Hub is crammed with features and takes away the traditional pain points usually associated with website management. In addition to the user friendly website management tools for marketers, the CMS hub gives developers the flexibility, power and security that they require:


For further information on CMS Hub check it out here:




Also, you can find an excellent comparison article from HubSpot on the alternatives available to Wordpress.




Another Bonus (!). We select some our favourite features of CMS Hub with Dan Tyre here:





6. Report Builder Gets More Muscle

Flexible Dashboard Grid


Data, Reports, Dashboards… we can’t get enough of it! Well, great news, HubSpot are enhancing their functionality even further to include emails, social and paid adverts, social media post data, campaigns and much more. This will further complement the multi-touch revenue attribution that was launched last year. In addition HubSpot have expanded limits on reporting in a majority of the HubSpot accounts, making the reporting function more adaptable to the regular changes that companies encounter. These amendments to report builder are currently in beta but we’re looking forward to seeing how this will pan out in the near future!


Find  out more about the new reporting features here:




In case you missed it here is the info on multi-touch revenue attribution:




7. Service Hub Gets New Features


Finally, Service Hub users don’t get left out! HubSpot’s customer service software will be introducing a whole raft of new tools to help you to continue to delight your customers including: logged-in visitor ID, multi-language knowledge base, automated help desk feature and more. Ensuring you to maintain customer satisfaction and nurture feedback.Customer Service Software for Small to Enterprise Businesses

Service Hub users can see the latest changes and enhancements here:


These are just a few of some of the many features that were launched at Inbound this year to learn more check out the following links.

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Let’s face it, 2020 has been a ‘head scratcher’ for everyone, including business owners. One thing is certain, businesses need to change whether that is shifting sales and marketing strategies, improving productivity or moving to an online environment.

There are numerous products in HubSpot that could help alleviate business headaches and streamline business operations, it’s about choosing the right products that will help you and your business. 

If you want to have a chat these and how HubSpot and an inbound marketing strategy could help you - book a free assessment below.


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