Use Atlanticus Digital for your Account-Based Marketing strategy to hyper-target the right type of accounts and send personalised customised messages.

Build An ABM Team

ABM is not a sales or marketing specific strategy, it’s for both departments. That’s why when you’re building a team specifically for your ABM strategy, you need to ensure that there is a representative from both sales and marketing. Atlanticus Digital can help you build an effective ABM Team.


Fishing With Spears

Atlanticus Digital can help you by ‘fishing with spears' (Rather than nets). ABM takes time and requires planning but it’s a more strategic marketing strategy. ABM is highly targeted and typically lends itself to higher-value deals. 


Key Accounts 

Atlanticus Digital will help you to identify a list of the high-value accounts to pursue and identify KPI’s to measure success. 

Once these have been indentified we can work with your business to create an account plan with goals, content and target channels.


Use ABM Tools

ABM is an effective sales and marketing process but how can you implement this at scale? Using the ABM tools in HubSpot, Atlanticus Digital can help your business to identify the best company targets,  create and measure methods to engage and tie everything together. The result is that sales & marketing teams can simply do their jobs better.


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