Sure-fire Ways to Generate Leads in the Construction Industry

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Manufacturing and Construction are equally exciting and time-consuming jobs. If you're really lucky, your business will do just fine on referrals. But that would only stunt your growth in today's extremely competitive market.


The digital space offers excellent marketing tools. Being on social media is one thing. Being found by your audience and making an impact is entirely different. It's an attraction and a convincing game you need to hack to succeed.

By creating content, your marketing goes beyond creating awareness. We'll show you which kind of content works best for you.

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Differentiating Between the Most Misinterpreted Terms in Online Marketing

Digital marketing and inbound marketing are often confused or used interchangeably. Both of them are primarily done online. But they are different in terms of specifics.

While digital marketing is any kind of marketing conducted on the internet, inbound marketing is a specific strategy that uses methods like creating content to draw leads.

What Makes Great Content for Your Website?

Today's online audience knows it when your content is drab versus helpful and appealing. Bad content does the opposite of drawing leads or sustaining an audience. And it's a cost you don't want to incur especially in Ireland. These tips will help you to create content that sells your brand.

Be Authentic

Remember how you copied homework just to have it easy in school? Posting copied content is similar but as an adult running a business, you risk losing credibility. It is unacceptable to copy and paste other people's articles or use photos without the owner's permission.

Original content sets you apart and helps you build trust with your audience. Trustworthiness equals a good reputation and booming business.

Headlines, Headlines, Headlines

Don't underestimate the power of a strong headline.  A strong headline does more than grab attention. It's a promise that the audience go after, resulting in leads.

Conversely, poor headlines rip away the only chance to make a lead. It does little to evoke curiosity or use keywords important for SEO.

Offer Solutions

Whatever you write about, include solutions to your topic. For example, if you write about the challenges marketers face, tell them how to overcome them.

Accurate Sourcing

Nothing warrants providing inaccurate information. If you write opinion pieces, let them be from an expert's view on the opinion topic. Avoid using Wikipedia as a source for your information. It would be hard to recover an audience who found inaccurate info on your page.

Attractive Visuals

Visuals are important tools. Actually, they are more attractive than text for most people. You can buy photos from different sites or use free photos from sites like Pixel. Remember to credit the photo to the site.

Invest in videos especially for 'how to' content. They perform better than text.

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Types of Article Content Fit for a Construction Company

  •       Blogs

In-depth information requires more than info-graphics. Readers coming to your site consider you an expert in your field. Blogging enables you to give that information in a friendly yet informative way.

You can write on FAQs and topics you deem helpful. Blogging uses common language colloquialisms and even slang that are unique to a particular audience. If you're targeting the newly-married millennial who wants to build their first home, they'll understand the blog language fast.

  •       Newsletters

Forget print newsletters that nobody ever reads. Email newsletters are easier to transmit and access. Ideally, a newsletter advertises your products without coming across like an unwanted salesperson. A newsletter isn't about just getting a contract. It should sound like a story told by a friend to another friend about what they've been up to.

You can invite your audience for a webinar or a fundraiser. This will attract people who love to see a firm that's interested in building communities. Not only will you appear responsible, but you'll also earn a good reputation.

  •       Press Releases

A press release at its core is about telling something new about your company. Have you launched a new product? Are you planning to participate in a national construction initiative? All these are great scenarios to write a press release about. Your press release will attract people interested in construction and the media too. You'll be on the news for a very good reason. It's also a way to get on the media free of charge. Make sure they are timely and relevant for optimum results.

  •       How-To Articles

Except for videos, you can write step-by-step articles to help people learn the basics of construction. For example, you can share a DIY article on fixing a shaky part on a wooden floor. These articles tell your audience you're not always after their money. It says you're there to help even when they want to do it themselves.


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Topic Ideas for Articles

While you may not anticipate every kind of possible query from audiences, the following topics will turn leads into account sign ups or even a new client.

  •       Where to find credible contractors
  •       How to get the best deals
  •       Manufacturing trends to know about
  •       Important questions to ask before signing a contract with a construction firm
  •       Laws governing the construction industry
  •       When to start remodelling your home


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How to Test Your Article Headline

SEO works by headlines and key words. You can lose it all over headlines or attract continuous traffic. So how do you test your headlines?

  • Say it out loud. There's something about reading anything out loud versus reading it in your mind. It tells you exactly how you sound to your reader. If it sounds off to you, it will be worse for a reader with thousands of options.
  • Check for ambiguity. Creative headlines aren't always easy to process. Read your headline from your audience's eyes. If it's hard to understand, they'll move on to the next site.
  • Check for wordiness. Keep headlines as short as possible. Ensure the reader gets a good idea about your content from the headline.

How to Turn Your Leads into Customers

At Atlanticus Digital, we understand the power of a single conversion in growing your business. Contact us today to start transforming your leads to clients.



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