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As customers, we are pretty demanding and we have good reason to be. Actually, 88% of customer service professionals believe that customers have higher expectations in the past (Source: HubSpot State of Service Report)

Some of the latest customer service trends have shown 90% of customers rate an immediate response as important. In addition, 72% of consumers expect agents to know about their previous engagements. (Sources: HubSpot; Nextiva; Gartner). As expected this already puts enormous pressure on under-equipped customer service teams.

To help with this, HubSpot has refreshed and relaunched its Service Hub with some excellent new customer service features. So, what are you waiting for?! Let's check them out. 



Existing Features

Before we go through these new features, let's have a look at some of the already excellent features for Service Hub. We have split these into three areas: Help Desk, Omni-Channel Service and CRM & Automation. 

Help Desk

Shared Inbox

The shared inbox function has been a critical area for Customer Service teams to centralise communications across numerous channels, providing a holistic overview of all customer conversations. This includes team email, live chat and Facebook Messenger. Users can also switch between the two channels on the same thread and forward conversations to other team members.

                                                                                      Shared Inbox HubSpot Service Hub 

Agent Presence

So simple yet so impactful, the Agent Presence feature reduces the duplication of tasks, allowing an agent to see if a colleague is viewing a customer email or even typing within a message.

Knowledge Base

Reduce the number of customer queries and support requests by building a knowledge base with helpful articles, users guides and videos. The great thing is that this can all be optimised for search and analysed so that you can continue to build on your content!


Omni-Channel Service

Live Chat

Easily create a live chat functionality that sits on your website and helps your customer in real-time. You can automatically direct customers and prospects to the appropriate people on your service team build better relationships with contextual conversations.

Chat Bots

Chat Bot all you to improve 1-1 communications and pre-empt customer queries. You can use bots to assign a ticket to an owner or highlight a knowledge article to answer a question, helping to improve the capacity of your service team. 

Facebook Messenger

You can easily manage all your Facebook conversations from your shared inbox and assign these to your wider Service team. Reporting is also available on chat volume through messenger. 

Facebook Messenger Service Hub

                                                                                                             Facebook Messenger HubSpot Service Hub 

Conversation Intelligence

Using HubSpot Service Hub, you can use conversation intelligence on calling software such as HubSpot Calling, Zoom and JustCall. Conversation Intelligence allows you to search for and report on tracked terms associated with performance and trigger automated workflows from these terms! 


CRM and Automation

Ticket Pipelines

It does exactly what it says - ticket pipelines allow you to split tickets into relevant pipelines, providing better organisation. Customer service teams can manage each ticket uniquely, based on internal processes. 

Ticket Automation

Eliminate those constant manual processes by creating workflows to ensure that tickets are prioritised. Ticket automation allows you to set up notifications and generate tasks for ticket owners. You can also create deals and nurture workflows using automation, all off the back of the ticket pipeline.  

Ticket Automation Service Hub

                                                                                                             Ticket Automation HubSpot Service Hub 


Create customer feedback using a number of survey tools to help measure customer loyalty and link it to your HubSpot CRM. Industry-standard surveys include CES (Customer Effort Score), Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) and Net Promoter Score surveys that can be created out-of-the-box or you can start a bespoke survey from scratch. 


So many excellent service dashboards and reports that are pre-built and ready to use and you also have the custom option as well. 

Download our Ultimate Guide to Customer Service:

Ultimate Guide to Customer Service

New Features of Service Hub

There are so many excellent new features that connect with your customers and take your service element to another level. Here are some of our favourites. 

Help Desk

Custom views, inbox

You can now create custom views in Service Hub allowing teams to organise their inbox and prioritise their work. Managers can create dynamic work streams based on ticket/conversation information and agents can focus on specific issues first. 


Mobile Helpdesk inbox

Not at your desk? No problem! You can now solve customer issues on the go! Mobile Helpdesk allows you to respond to customer queries over any channel and update ticket information on your mobile. You can also collaborate using @mentions and rapidly respond to queries using snippets, images and knowledge links. 


                                                                                                         Mobile Inbox HubSpot Service Hub 

Customer Portal

You can now create your own branded customer portal to provide a consistent customer experience with Service Hub. The customer portal feature will also allow customers to see all previously closed and open tickets so that issues are resolved efficiently.

Customer Portal Service Hub

                                                                                                           Customer Portal HubSpot Service Hub 

Omni-Channel Service

Post Chat Feedback

The new Post Chat Feedback option gives you an understanding of how customers are experiencing interactions with your Service team. You can easily set up feedback capture functionality at the end of your chat sessions, view feedback and trigger automation based on the feedback response! 

Service-Hub-Feature-Deck-2022-Google-Slides (1)

                                                                                                    Post Chat Feedback HubSpot Service Hub 

Inbound Calling

Receive inbound calls directly to your mobile and automatically add call data to HubSpot CRM. Just one click connects you to a customer via VOIP. This feature is currently in Beta but will help resolve customer queries efficiently and provide all the customer information in a central location.  


CRM and Automation


Another brilliant new feature is that you can apply service level agreements in the inbox. You can report on metrics such as Time to First Reply and Time to Close on your tickets. 

SLAs Service Hub

                                                                                                             SLAs HubSpot Service Hub

Find out more here. 

Custom Surveys

'I can't get no satisfaction!'. Yes, you can by building custom surveys and feedback tools on Hubspot. Tailor the survey to business requirements using questions types and customisable templates. You can then send the custom survey via web link or email and share the insights with your teams.  

Custom Surveys Service Hub

                                                                                                           Custom Surveys HubSpot Service Hub

Service Analytics

The Analytics section on HubSpot is superb, some brilliant out-of-the-box reports for Sales, Marketing and now Service. Service Analytics provides a suite of reports that help you deliver authentic customer service. You can track important service metrics such as CSAT, ticket close time, support volume and chat wait time. 

Service Analytics Service Hub

                                                                                            Service Analytics HubSpot Service Hub


So there you have it - excellent new customer service features already complement the existing features of HubSpot's Service Hub. 

In conclusion, Service Hub will help you meet those high customer expectations and release the pressure on your customer service teams. If you would like to learn more about Service Hub contact Atlanticus Digital today.

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