How to Run an Inbound Marketing Campaign

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How To Run An Inbound Marketing Campaign


"If you have more money than brains, you should focus on outbound marketing. If you have more brains than money, you should focus on inbound marketing" - Guy Kawasakiflywheel-inbound-method-lifecycles

Putting it simply, inbound marketing is a method that allows your business to attract customers by creating content tailored to them. Outbound marketing (TV, Radio etc.) interrupts your clients with content that they don't particular want.  With Inbound you have the opportunity to make connections with your customers and help to solve problems that they already have. 

So, what if you're looking to create an inbound marketing strategy, today? What would you need to do? Where would you start? Well, look no further, here are the steps to take when running an impactful inbound marketing campaign.  

1.  Identify your campaign audience.  

Who are we talking to here? Understand your buyer persona before launching into a campaign, so you can target them correctly.


2.  Set Your Goals + Benchmarks.

Having SMART goals can help you be sure that you’ll have tangible results to share with the world (or your boss) at the end of your campaign.

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3. Create Your Offer(s) + Landing Pages.

Don’t forget to optimise your landing page for SEO, have a clear value proposition and call to action (usually a form for the user to complete).

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4. Plan + build your automation + nurturing flows.

 Your campaign doesn’t end when leads convert on your landing page. Plan and build your follow up campaigns to nurture leads down your funnel.

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5. Write a blog post

Your campaign is amazing – don’t hide it from the world. Use your blog post as an opportunity to introduce readers to the valuable content they’ll find in your offer.


6. Share it on Social Media.

 Promote your blog post and offer through social media to drive traffic into the top of your funnel.


7. Add in long tail keywords.

 Make sure your campaign is SEO friendly – that way, interested prospects will find your campaign long after you stop actively promoting it.

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8. Consider Paid Search and Other Channels.

Other channels can be a part of your inbound campaign, too – just be sure that you are measuring the effectiveness of these channels

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9. Track your URLs

Other channels can be a part of your inbound campaign, too – just be sure that you are measuring the effectiveness of these channels.

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9. Report on Your Results.

Hard work shouldn’t go unmeasured. You set goals at the very beginning; now it’s time to celebrate your success. Organize and show off your numbers at the end of the campaign.

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There's more...

If you're ready to hit the “GO” button on your campaign? Before you dive in, make sure you’ve dotted all your I’s and crossed all your T’s.  Here’s a free checklist to make sure you’ve covered all your bases. 


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Niall Parfitt

Niall Parfitt

Niall Parfitt is marketing professional with over 20 years experience of working with large organisations to SMEs. Niall runs his own inbound marketing agency, Atlanticus Digital and is experienced in all areas of digital marketing including marketing strategies, Social Media, Web and email marketing.