5 Inbound Marketing Strategies for The New Marketing Age

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The evolution of marketing strategies has seen the rise of marketing techniques that are more personal and dedicated to reaching different demographics. With this new age of internet usage, outbound marketing strategies are slowly being outdated as customers become more informed and are better equipped with their sales choices. You, therefore, need to be more personal to have them choose your goods and services.

In the internet space, outbound marketing strategies can easily be dispelled using ad blocks and firewalls. That is why using inbound marketing can prove to be better and more organic. Its personal touch encourages more sales as it is inherently driven by choice and interactivity. It offers value to consumers who are already actively searching for information about that product or related ones.

Developing Your Strategy

Most inbound marketing strategies are targeted to young people as they make up the majority of internet consumers. Developing a good inbound marketing strategy involves planning, analysing, and revising the plan. Planning involves outlining what your exact goals for the campaign are.

Analysing involves looking at what impact the marketing instruments you are using are having on your campaign. Revising involves looking at how well your strategy is taking off and what changes or additions need to be made.

For your inbound marketing to be successful, you may need to set up a team if your existing marketing team cannot handle an inbound marketing campaign. Important team members may include copywriters for handling blog content, data analysts for analysing and comparing data and numbers to monitor your websites' traffic and success rates, and a marketing manager to handle all other team members.

A social media manager might also be necessary to run social media campaigns or help you craft and gain a strategic social media presence.

 Practical Examples Of Inbound Marketing Strategies.

1. Writing Topical Blogs

Blogging is not only a great way of letting viewers know more about the information you have to offer, but it also offers relevant information on the industry. For example, you could offer information on the best considerations for construction, the best materials to use, how to compare rates, and government regulations on the construction industry.

To have a successful blog, it is best to ensure that you post on the average recommended 16 times a month. This way, your blog's traffic can be high and include links within the blog to other resourceful sites on your website. The links can also be a call to action for purchases, consultancies, or service reviews. Blogs are a great way to interact with your audience in a more in-depth manner.

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2. Running Social Media Campaigns

In this day and age, a lack of social media presence is paramount to business failure. This is because social media increases the online presence and visibility of your company. You can use different social media platforms to achieve different goals. For example, Twitter and LinkedIn are considered more formal platforms, while Instagram and Facebook can be great for sharing photos, videos, and other fun ideas and marketing strategies.

Social media campaigns are intense social media marketing strategies that involve running a campaign for a stipulated amount of time like a week or a month. You can use marketing tools that are available on different platforms to incorporate different aspects, such as hashtags. You can also use celebrity or popular accounts to help in improving your campaign. People will be more likely to visit your page or buy your product when it has been referred to by others.

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3. Writing White Papers and E-Books

White papers are long essay like informative presentations on different topics in your field. E-books are soft copy books about different subjects. Unlike blogs that are often short and to the point, e-books and white papers are much longer and require intense focus. They are aimed at informing more deeply about different subjects.

You may have a presentation, for example, on the different considerations when starting your constructions either for public use or private use. You may also discuss issues such as government regulations and codes to obey as far as construction is concerned in Ireland.

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4. Incorporating Search Engine Optimisation

Search engine optimisation is a strategy where you make sure that your website is receiving a lot of traffic by appearing first on the search list. This can be achieved by using keywords and phrases that most searchers used in regards to your industry. You can investigate what most people research in your industry and use those findings as part of your keyword searches.

The best search engine optimisation strategy is one that is organic, and you do not have to pay to have your website featured on the first page. As they say, if you want to hide a dead body, then hide it on the second page of Google search. To prevent you from being in this situation, get the right keywords, have relevant content, have well-labeled pictures, and create unique and relevant page titles.

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5. Having Case-Studies and Testimonials

It is much easier for people to buy a product they have heard about than one introduced to the market. That is why having a spotlight on the customers you have already worked with can be a great way to have more sales.

Get people to talk about how working with you felt and what your results were. Have them speak about the quality of the work done by your company, the duration, the project details, and such. You can also have pictures of the constructions you have engaged in before to act as further testimonials.

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Rolling The Wheels On Inbound Marketing

Having understood the importance of inbound marketing and some of the strategies you can incorporate, it's time to go out and spike the traffic on your website. Inbound marketing not only helps you increase your viewership and draw new customers, but it also helps you retain your current ones and have a wider customer base. It also increases your return on investment rate(ROI).

Having a team that works to bring your vision to life is the key to the success of any digital marketing strategy such as inbound marketing. At Atlanticus Digital, we are dedicated to helping you make the most out of the internet space by converting visitors on your site to quality leads. Contact us today and let us collaborate to help you achieve your business goals for this coming season.

Niall Parfitt

Niall Parfitt

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