Atlanticus Digital are proud Asana Partners and Asana will be our primary project management and strategic tool to help our clients grow.

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Asana Project Management

Atlanticus digital will deploy Asana to set up workflows to building custom solutions. Undergoing a rigorous certification program, partners offer training and resources covering a wide range of needs and skills, across teams and timezones. From planning and prioritising projects, to setting goals and staying aligned, Channel Partners help organisations fast track their digital transformation efforts.


Work Management

Asana allows teams to break down goals and ideas into actionable tasks, assign them to others, and communicate in one place to drive the work forward. 

On an organisational level, this means that team work is connected in one place and that we have a better insight into the work of others.


Reaching Goals 

Asana gives you everything you need to stay in sync, hit deadlines, and reach your goals:

​- Clarity about who has to do what by when 
- Full control over deadlines, updates and goals
​- Fewer and more effective meetings 
​- All information in one place - no endless search in umpteen tools
​- Achieve faster, higher quality results


Using Asana

To get the most out of Asana, professional onboarding is extremely important. We help you set up Asana and train your teams so they can use Asana immediately. 


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